South Atlantic District

Becoming a Licensed Worker

Since you are reading this document, we presume that God is working in your life. Congratulations! We’re going to explain the whole process for applying for Alliance ministry, and then it will be up to you to get started. You may want to print this document so it can serve as a guide as you move through the various steps of the process.

Why don’t you start by taking a short journey—a journey of discovery that should help clarify what ministry in The Alliance is all about. Go to  and walk through the information and links you will find there.

Are You Ready to Serve? If your call to vocational ministry in The Christian and Missionary Alliance is clear, then go to and click the “Next Steps” button so you can complete the brief Preliminary Questionnaire called “What is my next step?” When you come to the question, “Did a specific C&MA District Office direct you . . . ,” please be sure to answer “Yes” and select “South Atlantic District.”

When we have received your Preliminary Questionnaire, we will review it and contact you by email or telephone. After that initial contact, if we have agreed that you are ready to move forward in the application process for ministry in the Alliance, we will provide information on accessing the online

Application for Ministry. This Application includes the following pieces, all of which must be completed before your application can be processed:

  • Application for Ministry
  • Doctrinal Questionnaire
  • Biographical Inventory
  • Personal Character References
  • Transcripts
  • Release of Records
  • Agreement for Ministry

As part of the application process, the South Atlantic District reserves the right to conduct a complete a Background Check and/or a Credit Report to be included in your application file.

Incidentally, you will not have to complete all of the pieces in one sitting! You can login and logout at your convenience.

When all the pieces of your application are complete, it will be forwarded to the License, Ordination, and Consecration Council (LO&CC). The Moderator of the LO&CC will contact you, review any questions that may arise from your materials, and schedule a formal Accreditation Interview. Please understand that accreditation is not the same as placement in ministry and does not result in the issuance of a license as an Official Worker (pastor, youth pastor, etc.) in the Alliance. Successful completion of the Accreditation Interview qualifies you to be considered for a ministry position in an Alliance church.

The Accreditation Interview is our best way to know you personally and professionally so you should be prepared to discuss the following areas of your calling and readiness for ministry.

       Personal Relationship with Jesus: Reflecting on your vital, moment by moment connection with Jesus.

       Personal Understanding of Theology: Evaluating your personal dependence on the Word, your abiding desire to know the Word, and your ability to clearly articulate your theological convictions.

       Personal Leadership Gifts & Experience: Exploring your personal calling to vocational church ministry and your life experience that confirms your calling.

      Personal Life & Ethics: Discerning the health and balance of your life, marriage, and relationships and your commitment to live a life free of habitual or scandalous sin.

A decision will normally be made and communicated to you at the conclusion of the interview. There are four possible decisions that the interviewers can make.

Accredited. This means that you are approved as a candidate for ministry in The Christian and Missionary Alliance. Your file will be available to any district but it will be up to you to make the appropriate contact with a particular district superintendent to discuss placement possibilities in his district.

Conditionally Accredited. This means that you will be approved after successfully addressing any areas outlined for special attention at the conclusion of your interview. Once those have been addressed, you’re on your way to placement.

Continuing Accreditation. This means that you cannot be approved at the conclusion of your interview because of some significant issues that were uncovered during your interview. After these have been addressed, a follow-up interview will be conducted.

Redirected. This means that you are not recommended for vocational ministry in The Christian and Missionary Alliance and the interviewers believe that a more fitting place of ministry with another church or organization should be sought. Typically, the interviewers will offer some suggestions for your consideration.

As you walk through this process, which may seem slow and cumbersome along the way, keep in mind that it is God’s call to which you are responding and He has everything in His control. Keep in mind the words of the Lord through Jeremiah:

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” (Jeremiah 29:11)