South Atlantic District

Thanks Jim!

Posted on Monday, April 04, 2016

Thanks Jim!

Rev. James A. Bollback, who has served the District with distinction as Assistant to the Superintendent for Operations for the past five years, has announced that he will leave the District Ministry Center at the end of May.  He and his wife Alice plan to relocate to Minnesota. Those with a long memory will recall that Jim’s predecessor in this role (Marv and Joyce Parker) also retired to Minnesota. I know there must be meaning in this coincidence. . . but I can’t quite figure it out!

Jim has served in the Alliance for 49 years, seventeen years in the South Atlantic District. Here, he has pastored churches in Atlanta and Pinehurst, NC.  For the past decade he has also served as Moderator of the Licensing, Ordination & Consecration Council of the South Atlantic District. In this role, he has shepherded dozens of men and women through their preparation and theological oral examination, which is prerequisite to service in our churches.  

While serving as Assistant to the D.S. he has improved the efficiency of the Ministry Center, supervised upgrades to the filing and computer systems, and provided reliable organizational support for the many complex issues the Ministry Center is called upon to provide for our Pastors and churches. He has worked with our Developing Churches to help many of them move forward to accredited status and managed the details relating to our closed churches, including the sale of various properties throughout the District.  In addition, he oversaw the complete renovation of the Ministry Center suite in Charlotte.  Jim has also worked with the Montagnard Association to establish a Montagnard Alliance Theological Center that meets at the District Ministry Center on Saturdays throughout the year to train pastors and church leaders for our Montagnard congregations. To say that he has been busy and productive during the last five years may be the understatement of the year!

Jim and Alice will head off to the frozen tundra of the north country just in time for the summer heat and humidity to firmly embed over the Carolinas. They’re going to miss this, especially in January.  May your next chapter build upon your last, give you abundant time to enjoy your family and provide opportunity to do all those things that the press of life and demands of ministry have kept you from. We wish for you a slower pace of life and abundant joy from your ministry memories!  You leave a lasting legacy across the Carolinas and Georgia. Thanks, Jim, for your ministry to us!