South Atlantic District

Disciple Making

Our mission is to equip and mobilize the churches of the South Atlantic District to effectively make disciples locally and globally in fulfillment of the Great Commission (see Matthew 28:19-20, Mark 16:15, and Acts 1:8). From the beginning of the Church, the natural overflow of being a disciple of Jesus has always been making other disciples of Jesus.

Disciple making is not a program; it is an intentional lifestyle. While discipleship consists of personally following Christ, disciple making is focused on intentionally engaging nonbelievers as a personal lifestyle, leading them to Christ, teaching them the basics of the faith, then equipping them to go out and do the same in their sphere of influence.

We are committed to encouraging and equipping our churches to passionately and intentionally pursue the disciple making lifestyle that Jesus has called the church to live.


The Disciple Making Team


The Disciple Making Team exists to help churches of the South Atlantic District fulfill the Great Commission mandate of making disciples who make disciples. Currently, the Disciple Making Ministries is fulfilling this role by:

    1.     Creating a team that will assist pastors and churches to refine/strengthen their current approach to making disciples. 

    2.     Creating a team that will be catalytic in assisting churches and leaders to develop a scalable disciplemaking approach. 

    3.     Working with key District leaders in creating discipleship encounters for students through PowerTime Camp, Middleschool Retreat, Winter Blast, and other events.


What’s happening in the world of Discipleship in the South Atlantic District?


Over the past year and a half several in our District and other districts in the C&MA have been taking a journey through Learning Communities. Learning Communities are a time to come together for several days to learn the Lord’s strategy for building His Church. In Greenville, SC, several teams will conclude their final (4th) Learning Community on May 16-19. In Atlanta, we are entering our 3rd Immersion. 


Here is a little about the Atlanta Learning Community. 

 In the first immersion we explored God’s heart for rebuilding His family on the earth through spiritual leaders (“parents”) who take responsibility for building a family on mission that can reproduce and multiply, just like we see in the early church. We asked challenging questions about what it means to be spiritual leaders, the quality of our spiritual DNA and whether we are prepared and equipped to reproduce our spiritual DNA in others who can do the same for others (something we call discipleship). In the second immersion we turn our focus toward the tools, language, practices and vehicles for building a family on mission (we’ll use the language of missional communities). How do we gather an extended family of relationships in predictable patterns that promote healthy rhythms for a missional lifestyle. How do we cultivate “family on mission?” How do we set ourselves up from the beginning for reproduction and multiplication of these communities? To help our leaders get a better understanding, we model for them Public Space Teaching, Social Space Team Processing, and Personal Space time for them to personally process what the Father is personally speaking to each person. Take a look at this video that demonstrates some of the activity happening in Social and Person Spaces. 

                     Atlanta Learning Community Video


                     Learning Community Taster