South Atlantic District

8 Core Commitments

Those who serve Christ through the South Atlantic District

  • Embrace the C&MA Statement of Faith
  • Share the cores values that describe C&MA DNA
  • Pledge to fulfill the Eight Core Commitments

1. Live above reproach in private and public life 

  • I will take seriously the need to lead others to follow me as I follow Christ
  • I will welcome the input of anyone in my life who observes inconsistency
  • I will take the initiative in seeking help in areas of my life that get out of balance

2. Create and maintain a personal development plan

  • I will pursue a balance of Word and Spirit-dependence in my life
  • I will address my financial, health, and family habits
  • I will review the plan periodically to gauge progress in achieving my objectives

3. Maintain a regular coaching relationship for accountability and intentionality in achieving my personal and ministry objectives

  • I will seek out a person to hold me accountable
  • I will meet with them formally and informally
  • I will engage with them at least monthly

4. Cultivate redemptive relationships with people outside my congregation

  • I will re-order the routines and habits of my life to create space and time for friendships beyond the congregation
  • I will intentionally join strategic organizations in the community if it will help me achieve this objective

5. Partner together in mission with the South Atlantic District community and others who are committed to the mission of God to make disciples of Jesus of every man, woman, and child residing in our District and to extend our efforts to disciple the unreached throughout the world


6. Work collaboratively with the leaders of my church to develop and maintain an annual mission fulfillment plan

  • I will work to develop a plan that is specific and measurable
  • I will help them address the missional health of the congregation
  • I will lead them to assess the effectiveness of initiatives and programs in making disciples of Jesus Christ, which is the primary assignment of the mission of Christ’s Church

7. Lead my congregation to engage our host community and regional context with acts of service and blessing that are done beyond the church campus with the intent of having a transformational impact on our surroundings

  • I will lead them to incarnational living in the marketplace, workplace, schools, and on the playgrounds of our community

  • I will collaborate with them to find ways by which we can add value to the community of which our congregation is a part

  • I will help them find ways to extend the influence of the Gospel beyond the church gathered

8. Fulfill the covenantal commitments stipulated by District Conference for licensed official workers and congregations

  • I will attend the annual District Conference (both Equip and Business Conferences)
  • I will lead my congregation to support the Mission SAD Fund – 5% of general income is the shared standard
  • I will participate in the area MEG (Mission Empowerment Group)
  • I will give enthusiastic support to the Great Commission Fund (GCF) as an element in an integrated disciple making vision and commitment
  • I will host and utilize C&MA international workers annually in the context of corporate worship and global mission education